Picasso: Man and Beast. The Vollard Suite of Prints

Organized by the National Gallery of Canada

Picasso’s Vollard Suite features 100 prints widely considered the artist’s graphic masterpiece. A treasure of the national collection, only a handful of the complete sets remain. This exhibition is one of very few times the entire suite has been presented outside Ottawa, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see it beside Picasso in Canada.

Pablo Picasso was instrumental in shaping the art of the 20th century. Although perhaps best known for his bold Cubist paintings, Picasso was also a skilled draftsman and printmaker, exploring myriad ideas and influences in virtually every known technique from intaglio to lithography. Comprising 100 etchings and drypoints, the monumental Vollard Suite is considered one of Picasso’s greatest artistic accomplishments, and a triumph of 20th-century graphic art. Exploring the tension between man and beast that often characterized Picasso and his work, The Vollard Suite reveals both the civilizing nature of art, and a provocative representation of Picasso's "beast within". The exhibition is curated by Dr. Sonia Del Re of the National Gallery of Canada, and brought to Winnipeg through the NGC@WAG partnership.